Friday, February 15, 2013

In Case You Missed It the First Time!

Forced To Watch: The Scorned Wife's Revenge
(A Tale of Interracial Cuckold Humiliation)

(Originally published as The Cuckold)

This is my first time ever to republish an old work.  If you purchased this as The Cuckold, then please don't buy it again.  It is the same story, but republished with a new cover, and a more descriptive title to attract more attention by the bots at Amazon.  Under the old title, it sold almost nothing, and was a source of great disappointment, but repackaged, it has become one of my bestsellers!  Thanks for your understanding.  Here's a description if you are interested:

Taylor Campbell arrives home from a business trip to find her husband in bed with his secretary. Coldly furious, she leaves immediately to get her thoughts together on how to proceed from that shock.

The devious Taylor develops and puts into action a plan to get revenge, with the aid of a good-looking boss who is active on the local swinger scene, an African-American amateur porn movie producer/actor, and a host of the producer/actor’s black friends. 

Will it be enough to punish her cheating husband and get the revenge she craves? Read on and find out.

This is a 16,000 word erotica novella, featuring graphic scenes of infidelity, interracial sexual encounters, multiple partners and much more. Well worth the price!

Intended for mature audiences 18+ only.

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