Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot Historical Erotic Romance!

The Crusader's Concubine!

Gerard D’Arcy is a British Nobleman serving as a warrior in King Richard the Lion-Hearted’s crusade to liberate Jerusalem from the grips of the famed Saracen King Saladin. When the city of Acre falls after an epic two-year siege, Gerard finds himself assigned the grim task of taking part in the execution of thousands of helpless prisoners.

But fate intervenes for Gerard when he spies a beautiful and intriguing young Saracen girl among the ill-fated hostages. Acting impulsively, he rescues her from certain doom and has her taken to his tent as his slave.

See what happens when the hard-bitten Crusader takes the young Saracen virgin as his servant to attend his needs, and see if love is possible between a man and woman from the two warring factions that divided the Middle East for centuries of some of the most brutal warfare the world has ever seen.

This is a 12,300 word historically-themed erotic short story. It contains scene of graphic sex, reluctant sex, and breeding. It is intended for mature audiences only.

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