Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breeding Mom and Daughter Still on Hot New Releases List!

I am still glad to see Breeding Mom and Daughter is maintaining a place on the Amazon Hot New Releases List after several weeks.  This was my first novella-length work, ending up at over 28,000 words of steaming sex scenes and much more.

A brief synopsis:

Kevin takes a job as a college professor in East Texas and accepts a rooming arrangement with Charlotte, a middle-aged soccer mom type, and her 18 year-old daughter Crystal.  Things quickly heat up between all of them.  Crystal also has a pathetic ex-boyfriend who ends up needing to be dealt with, and Kevin (a black belt in Japanese Karate) is admirably equipped to take care of him.

Plot, Story, Humor, sex scenes, fight scenes, this novella has a little bit for every reader!

Only $3.99 at

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