Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stavros is Back! And Badder Than Ever!

By Popular Demand!

The Latest in the Adventures of Michael, Bella and Stavros!

Cuckolded by the Billionaire 3: The Billionaire's Baby

Michael Marchant and his wife Bella have been increasingly sucked into the orbit of the rich and mysterious Stavros, the Greek Billionaire after a chance meeting in Vegas, where Stavros mistook Bella for a high-class call girl. Stung by Michael’s earlier infidelity, Bella accepts the proposition of the mysterious Greek as a form of revenge against her husband. 

Soon they find themselves hosts on his private island in the Aegean. Surrounded by guards, anti-aircraft batteries, and former Russian Special Forces soldiers, Michael finds himself in over his head when he loses his job suddenly, and arrives on Stavros’ island to accept a lucrative and unexpected job offer.

Michael soon finds out that Stavros’ business crosses back and forth over the line between legitimate, and downright illegal and immoral. Struggling between the desire to win his wife back from Stavros’ control, and not wanting to succumb to the mysterious billionaire, Michael gives in to Stavros in a last-ditch attempt to save his marriage.

See what happens when the mysterious Stavros, the beautiful and desirable Bella, and the befuddled Michael all collide on a heavily armed island paradise in the Mediterranean.


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