Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stavros is Back! And Badder Than Ever!

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The Latest in the Adventures of Michael, Bella and Stavros!

Cuckolded by the Billionaire 3: The Billionaire's Baby

Michael Marchant and his wife Bella have been increasingly sucked into the orbit of the rich and mysterious Stavros, the Greek Billionaire after a chance meeting in Vegas, where Stavros mistook Bella for a high-class call girl. Stung by Michael’s earlier infidelity, Bella accepts the proposition of the mysterious Greek as a form of revenge against her husband. 

Soon they find themselves hosts on his private island in the Aegean. Surrounded by guards, anti-aircraft batteries, and former Russian Special Forces soldiers, Michael finds himself in over his head when he loses his job suddenly, and arrives on Stavros’ island to accept a lucrative and unexpected job offer.

Michael soon finds out that Stavros’ business crosses back and forth over the line between legitimate, and downright illegal and immoral. Struggling between the desire to win his wife back from Stavros’ control, and not wanting to succumb to the mysterious billionaire, Michael gives in to Stavros in a last-ditch attempt to save his marriage.

See what happens when the mysterious Stavros, the beautiful and desirable Bella, and the befuddled Michael all collide on a heavily armed island paradise in the Mediterranean.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Cuckolded by the Billionaire! A New Series

Another Hot New Series!
Cuckolded by the Billionaire!
 Michael and Isabela Marchant are a couple trying to recover from the damage done to their marriage by Michael's infidelity. In a last-ditch effort to repair the damage caused by his weakness, Michael plans a vacation to America's "Sin City," Las Vegas.

The city lives up to its name for this couple, when a chance encounter brings the beautiful Isabela, or "Bella" into contact with a handsome, mysterious, and seemingly wealthy stranger, a visitor from Greece named Stavros. After a winning night at the roulette table, Stavros mistakenly concludes that the gorgeous Bella is one of Las Vegas' many "working girls" and propositions her as a prostitute.

Bella, aching to exact a measure of revenge against Michael for his cheating, decides to take up the offer made by the handsome stranger. 

To see what happens to Michael, Bella and Stavros, when revenge, lust, and attraction all collide, read Cuckolded by the Billionaire: The Accidental Hooker.

Now Available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Cuckolded-Billionaire-Accidental-Hooker-ebook/dp/B00DD646NK

This is the sequel to Cuckolded by the Billionaire: The Accidental Hooker.

Stung by Michael Marchant's infidelity, his wife Bella enters into a torrid affair with a mysterious wealthy Greek known only as Stavros, when he mistakes her for a Las Vegas casino "working girl."

After the trip to Vegas, and Bella's revenge fling with Stavros, Michael hopes that his life has gotten back to order when things begin taking one ugly turn after another. His wife leaves town suddenly, oddly enough for Greece. Then an extremely expensive video-teleconference system is delivered to his surprise. His surprise doesn't last for long as it becomes clear who wants to display his talents for the philandering husband.

And Michael's trials have just begun. To get a full measure of the revenge being sought against this unfaithful husband, read Cuckolded by the Billionaire 2: Taken to Paradise!

This is an 8,000-word short story, and is part of a serial. Keep watching Amazon for Part 3!  Cuckolded by the Billionaire 3: The Billionaire's Baby.

A Boss You Might Just Love to Hate!

New Series Burning Up the Charts on Amazon!

Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss

 Jim is an up-and-coming sales executive with a drop-dead gorgeous sexy wife named Lexi, who is twelve years his junior. At his annual company Christmas party, he introduces his wife to his boss, a handsome black man named Nick. There are sparks between Nick and Lexi almost from the beginning.

Jim finds himself threatened with the loss of his job, but instead finds himself promoted and given pay raises. Will Jim pay an unexpected cost for his boss's patronage? Will he pay in the form of his beautiful, young wife?

Read Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by My Boss to find out how Jim deals with his sexy young wife and his charismatic black boss.

Contains scenes of graphic interracial sex, unprotected sex, and cuckolding. This is a 6,000+ word short story. Intended for audiences 18+, and all characters are of legal and consenting age.
Now Available!  Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss 2 - My Boss and His Friend!  Read more of Jim and Lexi's adventures!

An Amazon Erotica Top 100 Hot New Release!

The Sequel to Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss!

Jim, and up and coming executive, finds himself in a love triangle with his beautiful wife Lexi, and his handsome, athletic and very black boss, Nick Porter. What initially began as a hot threesome between them begins to spiral out of Jim’s control due to his wife’s infatuation with the sexually talented Nick.

When Nick offers Jim a shot at a sales opportunity that promises a tremendous financial windfall, he snaps up the chance. Only then does he discover that the man who will decide on the sale is a wealthy owner of a chain of fitness centers owned by Dante Nichols, one of Nick’s former college teammates.

When Lexi learns who the client is, she offers to help in any way that she can to ensure the sale to Dante.

Read Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss 2 - My Boss and his Friend to find out what happens!

Also contains a sneak preview excerpt from the soon to be released Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss 3: Blackout in Vegas. 

Find it here on Amazon!  http://www.amazon.com/Forced-Watch-Cuckolded-Friend-ebook/dp/B00DHRMD5I

In the continuing adventures of Jim and Lexi, their adventure goes on the road to America’s “Sin City.” They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Jim had better hope that is the case.

Watching helplessly as his wife is sucked further and further and further into the orbit of his charismatic black boss, Nick Porter, Jim is dumbfounded when he discovers that his wife is interview and hired as a “Special Assistant” for his boss. She also has a number of job descriptions and duties that are unorthodox to say the least.

But presented with a unique and profitable sales opportunity at a convention for African-American entrepreneurs in Vegas, Jim pitches in to make the sale of a lifetime. His wife Lexi pitches in too, using her special “powers of persuasion” to coax a sale out of a group of black brothers.

Find it here on Amazon!  http://www.amazon.com/Forced-Watch-Cuckolded-Blackout-ebook/dp/B00DS85KH4

For our Discriminating Buyers!

The complete bundle of Parts 1 through 3 of the Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss Series. Over 30,000 words of steaming erotica with a coerced husband, an eager young hotwife, and an enthusiastic and charismatic boss!

The bundles contains the unedited versions of three complete stories:

Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss
Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss 2 - My Boss and his Friend
Forced to Watch: Cuckolded by my Boss 3 - Blackout in Vegas