Friday, February 15, 2013

Great Smoking Hot Fun With a Cute Asian Babysitter!

Breeding My Asian Babysitter!

Jeff Clark, a successful writer, husband and father of two little girls, is shocked when he is suddenly presented with a wife who informs him that she needs time away from him to “find herself.”

Granting his wife’s need for space, he soon finds his life spiraling out of control rapidly as he deals with one blow after another to his faltering marriage. Given an opportunity to take a week off and decompress at the beach with his little girls, he decides that he can only make the trip with the help of his family’s long-time babysitter, Jennifer Lee.

Jennifer, the daughter of Chinese family in Mark’s neighborhood, agrees to accompany Jeff on the trip to assist with wrangling the two energetic little girls. Jeff, with his life in a shambles, soon finds a sympathetic soul in the young Chinese babysitter.

See what happens to Jeff, Jennifer and a host of other characters as they deal with a relationship changing from professional to personal, and the consequences that arise from that change.

This is an 11,000-word erotic romance short story. All characters are consenting adults 18+. Contains graphic sexual content and is for mature audiences only.

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