Thursday, July 12, 2012

Latest Release is Out!  Bred By The Boy Next Door

Riley Parker is living the life that many would dream of.  She is the spoiled swinging North Dallas housewife who lives the fantasy of being her husband’s “hotwife.”  Allowed to have sex with others with her husband’s permission, she fulfills fantasy after fantasy. 

However, she finds that something is missing.  With her biological clock ticking, and with a husband who is not capable of bearing a child, she wants something her husband can’t provide.  She wants to get bred and become a mother.

She casts out a net for likely candidates, and hauls in the son of her next door neighbors, Chase, a hard-muscled swimming athlete with a body that would make most women drool.  With the help of her husband, she decides to reel the hunky swimmer into her bed.

Read Bred By the Boy Next Door to see what happens!

For Mature Audiences Only!  All characters are 18+ and are consenting adults.  Contains scenes of graphic sex, breeding and voyeurism.

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I Know I've Mentioned This Before...
But I suck at blogging!!!

Sorry for the long abscence, but a real life health issue has kept me on limited duty for a while.  I am on the mend, and hope to get back to more active blogging.  I didn't anyone to feel neglected, so I thought I would let you know what was up.  

Again, I'm sorry for my neglect of my blog.  Please don't hate me!  :-)