Sunday, May 6, 2012

Breeding With Mom And Daughter Flirting with Best Seller List!

Breeding Mom And Daughter Flirting with the Amazon Best Seller List

Folks, I ain't talking about the Hot Releases List, a Free List or anything like that.  This is my bestselling book, and it is just a few sales short of making its debut on the Amazon Paid Best Seller List.  If you haven't gotten a copy, consider doing it now.  Here is the link:

Kevin, a college professor takes a job in East Texas, and accepts a rooming arrangement with a MILF divorcee and her 18-year old daughter.  All three enjoy a cozy arrangement.  Shared by mom and daughter, Kevin is enjoying life in Texas until life intervenes in the form of birds, bees and lots and lots of pollen!

This is a 28,000 word novella well worth the $3.99 price.  Lots of graphic sex, voyeurism, polyamory, and Kevin also is a black belt in karate.  See how he deals with the daughter's ex-boyfriend!

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