Saturday, May 5, 2012

Come Get 

Cougar On The Prowl: The Bundle 

at a Special Low Price!

Over 25,000 steaming hot erotica words in three different stories of super-MILF Gabi Long!

This is your chance to fall in love with the saucy, irreverrent newly awakened Cougar, Gabi Long.  Newly divorced from her husband, who she refers to simply and universally as "asshole," Gabi has discovered she has a nearly insatiable desire for young cocks. 

Follow Gabi as she does her part for the war effort by seducing two young United States Marines in Looking For A Few Good Men: Cougar On The Prowl 1. 

After awakening to her new desire, she continues on her new nymphomaniac ways by setting her next  target successfully for her son's best friend, the quarterback of the local high school football team.  See Gabi in action in Seducing My Son's Best Friend: Cougar On The Prowl 2.

Finally, she unexpectedly opens the door one day expecting a fat, old, balding cable repair guy and comes face-to-face with a young hottie who gets her juices running.  She decided to seduce him, expecting to give him a good ride.  However, she gets the tables turned on her when she discovers the cable guy has a dark side, a domineering personality, a very healthy libido, and a toolbag filled with plenty of zip ties.  Read and see how Gabi gets more than she bargained for in Dominated By The Cable Guy: Cougar On the Prowl 3.

Cougar On The Prowl: The Bundle (The Gabi Long Diaries), priced at $4.99 is 1/3 savings over full price, and is even a savings over the temporary introductory offer.  Get this bundle now, and you will be waiting for more adventures of this horny MILF!

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