Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Breeding Bundles Offered for One-Handed Reading Bargain Seekers!
Due to the popularity of the Breeding Titles recently offered by Darque of Night Publishing, we decided to release some three title bundles for those of our customers looking for both a good read and a good buy.  Usually priced at $2.99 each, these three volume sets are  the equivelent of buying two volumes and getting the third for three.  The Breeding Bundle, Vol. I, is over 25,000 words of steaming, sexy erotica. The first Bundle includes Breeding My Best Friend's Daughter, Breeding The Irish Nanny, and Breeding The Surrogate.

The Breeding Bundle, Vol. I, can be found on Amazon at  It is also at Barnes and Noble at

The Breeding Bundle, Vol. II has three more popular installments of our breeding series.  Again, they are priced so that purchasing two at the usual price would give you the third installment for free.  The three installments in this bundle are Blackmailed and Bred By Her Boss, Breeding the Exchange Student, and Breeding My Stepmom.  All three are best-selling short stories with good feedback.  This collection is nearly 25,000 words of steaming erotica. The Amazon Link is  The Barnes and Nobles Link is at

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