Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Series Now Available! Cougar On The Prowl! Free Intro Download!!!

I now have the first two installments of my new series online, and am in the process of making the first one free for your pleasure.  I hope you will take advantage of this offer to get Looking For A Few Good Men: Cougar On The Prowl (The Gabi Long Diaries).  Here is the link for your free download:

This erotic short introduces you to 38-year-old cougar Gabi Long.  A recent divorcee, she gets back out on the dating scene with a friend, and soon runs smack into a 19-year-old member of the United States Marine Corps. Sparks fly, and fly even faster when another young Marine joins their hot, sexy fun.

This book also includes an excerpt from Seducing My Son's Best Friend: Cougar On The Prowl 2.   After her experience with the Marines, Gabi finds herself with an addiction to young cocks.  She sets her sight on the 18-year old best friend of her son.

Find Seducing My Son's Friend: Cougar On The Prowl 2 on Amazon at, or Barnes and Noble at

 Come meet the irreverent, sexy, and ever so hot Gabi Long with your free download now!

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  1. I enjoyed your story on Smashwords and just thought I would give you a bit of feedback - feel free to delete if this is a spoiler for other people who might enjoy the story. And some of this is just my personal preference.
    I like your writing style - lean and spare, appropriate to erotica. There is good realism about the characterisation too, I enjoyed it that Gabi got her vengeance on Asshole by buying gorgeous boobs with his money and I thought the Marines came across well with their naive eager boyishness. There was good background stuff, e.g. about the lads initially emailing Gabi but then tailing off, but not too much for the reader to lose interest in the prime reason for this story - hard rocking action.
    The Marines were just about acceptable to my vanilla ways! whereas interesting though he sounds, the son's best friend crosses the line for me. I'm tempted because it looks like he is making friends with the son in order to be near Gabi, rather than her just picking out a vulnerable youngster close to her son whose friendship she will spoil but I probably won't go there.
    I was sorry it was all wham banging hard action - apart from a little tender kiss once I think (I will have to go back and check!), it would be nice to have the hard stuff contrasted with a bit of gentle love-making.
    Great to see your new book is doing so well on Amazon! Good luck with it.
    Naoko Smith